StartUpLite 1.07

Delete unwanted apps from Windows startup list


  • No installation required
  • Simple to use


  • No undo or backup option


StartUpLite is a lightweight application that identifies programs that slow down your computer when you start up.

When your PC starts to run slower than usual, one of the first things you should be looking at is the startup list, after all. This list includes all the software apps that are currently configured to run every time you launch Windows. You've probably set some of them by yourself, but many others add themselves to the startup list without your knowledge, putting too much stress on the system while Windows boots, making the computer slow and unreliable.

StartUpLite is a very simple tool that displays all the apps that are launched with Windows, so you can decide which ones you really want to keep and which others can be safely disabled or removed. StartUpLite leaves this choice entirely up to you. StartUpLite is a very simple program, without many features. It really doesn't need any though, since the one job it does is done quite well. Plus, it doesn't even require installation.

Just be aware that StartUpLite has no backup function and changes cannot be undone. Also, there's no extended information about each app.

StartUpLite is a very basic tool but effectively gets rid of startup applications quickly to optimize your PC's speed.

StartUpLite is a lightweight program that can disable or remove all known unnecessary startup entries from your computer and thus quicken the startup procedure of your system.

Simply download StartUpLite from the link below and save it to a convenient location. Double click on StartUpLite.exe. Select all options you would like executed and select continue.



StartUpLite 1.07

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